Hitting Ball First Before Ground is Key to Consistent Contact

By Ryan Gager

Golf is a game of precision and skill, and one of the key factors that separate amateur golfers from professionals is distance control. Being able to predict and control the distance of your shots is crucial for consistently hitting solid shots and improving your overall game. In this edition of Fix My Fault, we explore the significance of distance control in golf and how mastering hip sway can help you achieve more accurate and predictable shots.

Distance control in golf is directly influenced by the movement of your lower body, particularly your hips. In the video presented GOLFTEC Coach Tim Sam demonstrates the importance of proper hip sway for distance control. Coach Sim uses Collin Morikawa as a perfect example of low point control, emphasizing the correct hip movement throughout the swing. On the contrary, Coach Sam himself demonstrates common flaws in hip sway that lead to inconsistent shot distances.

Hip Sway and Low Point Control in the Swing

During the backswing, the ideal hip movement is a rotational motion within a confined space highlighted by lines drawn on either side of the golfer’s legs. This rotational movement ensures that the hips remain within the defined range, allowing for better control and predictability. Conversely, improper hip sway, where the lower body sways away from the target, is a common problem among amateur golfers. Using OptiMotion, we see that Coach Sam sways 2.4 inches away from the target. This faulty hip movement leads to difficulties in striking the ball cleanly and consistently.

Low point control refers to the position of the clubhead in relation to the ground at the moment of impact. A crucial aspect of achieving consistent low point control is the movement of the hips. A proper hip movement involves shifting the lower body towards the target during the downswing. This forward movement of the hips helps bring the low point of the swing in front of the golf ball, ensuring clean ball contact and solid shots.

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Collin Morikawa’s (right) hips have shifted forward as he strikes the ball leading to clean contact. Coach Sam (left) is still swayed away from the target at impact leading to inconsistent shots.

Drill to Master Proper Hip Sway

To improve your distance control and master hip sway, there are specific exercises and techniques you can incorporate into your practice routine. One such exercise is to start with the address position, slightly favoring the lead side of your lower body. This initial positioning sets the stage for moving the low point in front of the ball during the swing.

Begin with small backstrokes, focusing on rotating your hips without any lateral movement back. This rotation helps maintain stability while preparing for the downswing. Next, emphasize driving your lower body towards the target, ensuring that the lead hip extends beyond the lead ankle at the moment of impact. This movement facilitates the forward shift of the low point and promotes solid contact with the ball.

Start with small and deliberate movements, ensuring excellent contact with the ball. As you become more proficient in this skill, gradually increase the size and speed of your hip movements, further enhancing low point control and distance predictability.

Coach Sam’s low point drill will have you making solid contact in no time.

Distance control is a vital aspect of golf that can greatly impact your overall performance on the course. By understanding and mastering hip sway, you can achieve greater control over the distance of your shots and consistently hit the ball solidly. Working with a GOLFTEC Coach can provide invaluable guidance and personalized instruction to help you improve your low point control and elevate your golf game. Simply find a local GOLFTEC near you to take the first step towards unlocking your full potential on the course.

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