Swing Journey – Juwon Packer

Juwon Packer


The Way to Way Better

  • Started shooting high 90s on average
  • Added more depth to hand path
  • Worked on hand path drill to start drawing the ball 
  • Eliminated head and hip sway during backswing
  • Upgraded from game improvement irons to blades

Student Profile

Age: 25

Handicap: 5.2

Student Since: 2022

Location: GOLFTEC North Dallas, TX

Coach: Robert Johns

“I have been working with Robert Johns, and I need to say that he is the absolute best coach. Within a 7 month period He was able to drop my score 20 STROKES!!! I am not joking. I went from scoring 97-99 to consistently scoring between 79-80. He knew exactly what to work with me on and helped me develop a great swing. If you are considering getting lessons here do not hesitate to ask for coach Johns. I speak real highly of him. Thank you! I sincerely appreciate you.

Before Swing - July 2022

Current Swing - March 2023

Inside The Lesson: 2/9/23

We go Inside The Lesson with Juwon at a recent lesson he took where he’s working to improve his swing. Using OptiMotion, we see a couple motion measurements on the screen highlighted with red and green, and we’re going to focus on Juwon’s Shoulder Turn. His Shoulder Turn at the top of his swing is 67 degrees closed and is a major reason why he’s slicing the ball. Coach Johns is working with him to close his shoulders more to try and get to the Tour Average of 88 degrees closed, which will help him hit the ball straighter and farther.

Getting Way Better at this game takes more than swing opinion and theory, it takes numbers, data, facts and certified professional Coaches. To see your swing on video and get great feedback and analysis on what you should be working on in your golf swing, visit a GOLFTEC near you and talk with a local Coach today!

Juwon's Favorite Drill

One drill that has been key to Juwon’s success is the hand path drill. This drill helps get your club on the correct path to prevent those slices that so many golfers hit. Read the full story about the hand path drill here, and watch the drill video below.


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