Hannah and Fredrik Test out the new Callaway Equipment

By Ryan Gager

GOLFTEC Ambassadors Hannah Gregg and Fredrik Lindblom recently had the incredible opportunity to visit the prestigious Ely Callaway Performance Center, where they got to test out the latest gear from Callaway. Come check it out as they get the Jon Rahm treatment and try out all the latest clubs from Callaway including the new Paradym line. Hannah and Fredrik discuss their impressions of the new clubs and the insights they gained from their testing sessions.

Callaway Irons: Apex TCB vs Paradym

Fredrik jumps right in and starts testing the new Callaway Apex TCB irons. These irons have been gaining popularity among tour professionals, thanks to their exceptional performance. The key to designing a pro-level iron is to strike a balance between the iron’s appearance, feel, and versatility. The iron should inspire confidence at address and deliver consistent ball flight and efficiency.

On the flip side, while tour players like Hannah and Fredrik benefit from the precision and workability of players’ irons, high-handicap amateurs might not be so quick to use them. Players must understand that miss-hits on a players’ iron can be more punishing, resulting in loss of distance and accuracy.

Which then leads into the new Paradym irons, which offer a more forgiving design without compromising on performance. Despite being categorized as player improvement irons, they don’t exhibit the clanky or hybrid-like feel commonly associated with such clubs. The Paradym irons strike a great balance between forgiveness and a solid feel at impact, making them suitable for a wider range of players.

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Fredrik hits both the Apex TCB and Paradym irons and discusses what might be best for your game.

Callaway Utility Wood

Next, it’s Hannah’s turn to take to the range and she is most interested in another club that’s been gaining popularity – the Callaway UW (Utility Wood). This versatile club combines the best aspects of hybrids and fairway woods to address the needs of players who struggle with low lofted hybrids or find fairway woods difficult to control. The utility wood offers a higher launch and increased distance, making it ideal for hitting into greens from longer distances.

Comparing to the hybrid Hannah had previously hit, she was able to launch the Utility Wood higher and get more spin, which will help her hold greens better when hitting approach shots into long par 4s and par 5s. This club has the unique combination of distance and control and is why it’s going in more bags.

Hannah hits the Utility Wood and talks about why this might be a good option for many players.

Callaway Paradym Drivers

Last, but certainly not least, Hannah and Fredrik take a look at the Paradym Drivers. With three different models in the lineup, it’s important to go get fitted at your local GOLFTEC to find the one that’s right for you. Here we break down each of the three models:

Triple Diamond: The Ultimate Knuckle Fade Driver: The Triple Diamond model, the same one used by John Rahm, caught Fredrik’s attention first. Tour players often prefer this driver because it helps them achieve a knuckle cut shot, allowing them to set up left-center and hit controlled shots without worrying about the ball going left. The Triple Diamond features a smaller head, a more open face, and a center of gravity (CG) more toward the center. This design promotes a neutral or slight left-to-right ball flight without increasing spin rates.

Paradym X: Maximizing Forgiveness: Moving to the other extreme, they explored the Paradym X driver. This driver has a larger footprint, providing a more forgiving option for golfers who struggle with slices and off-center hits. The CG is located more toward the heel, aligning with the gear effect that causes toe hits to hook and heel hits to cut. By positioning the CG closer to the heel, the Paradym X helps players reduce spin and gain ball speed on off-center strikes. While it may generate a draw bias and slightly more backspin, it offers significant assistance for players who need help straightening out their shots.

Fredrik hits the Paradym drivers and they discuss the differences between the three models.

Standard Paradym: The Versatile All-Rounder: The standard Paradym driver emerges as the most versatile option, suitable for a wide range of players. With a neutral baseline, it provides a well-balanced setup. The head’s volume is distributed evenly, and the center of gravity is centered, promoting a square face and a forgiving sweet spot. What sets the standard Paradym apart is the slide weight on the back. This weight can be adjusted to fine-tune the ball flight, adding a little fade or draw bias to match individual preferences. Additionally, this driver is highly regarded for its forgiveness, making it a popular choice for golfers who value accuracy without compromising distance.

By understanding the unique features and benefits of Callaway’s entire line of clubs, golfers can make an informed decision when selecting a set that suits their game. Remember, professional players like John Rahm may find success with a specific model, but it’s crucial to get properly fitted to find the right clubs for your individual needs. Visit your local GOLFTEC location and take advantage of a professional GOLFTEC Coach to unleash the true potential of your golf game.

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