GOLFTEC’s Nick Clearwater and Connie Chen Fix Your Golfing Faults Live on YouTube

By Ryan Gager

Welcome to the recap of Fix My Fault Live from Thursday, July 6, 2023, where GOLFTEC’s dynamic duo, Nick Clearwater and Connie Chen, break down golfers’ swings, offer valuable tips and advice, and keep you entertained throughout the show. This live show is based off the popular Fix My Fault series on GOLFTEC’s YouTube Channel. In this recap, we’ll dive into the insights they shared during their live broadcast on YouTube. Get ready for a fun and informative ride as we explore the swings of Mark, George, Lynn, and Happy!

Mark’s Swing Analysis

Nick and Connie tee off the show with Mark’s swing. They notice that Mark struggles to shift his weight properly and tends to slice the ball. From the camera view, it appears that Mark aims far to the right of his intended target, which may be due to a misalignment. Additionally, his downswing reveals an impact on the heel of the club, resulting in a straight pull. While the overall result is decent, Nick and Connie identify areas for improvement.

Tips for Mark

To help Mark improve his swing, Connie suggests a few valuable swing thoughts. First, she recommends that Mark visualize a wall behind him during the downswing and try to reach back to touch it. This visualization helps increase hand path depth and promotes a more efficient swing motion. Additionally, they advise Mark to focus on rotating his palm towards the ground and placing his right hand into his right pocket. These adjustments encourage a more downward hand path and prevent an over-the-top motion.

Connie demonstrates the feeling of putting your trail hand into your trail pocket.

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George’s Swing Analysis

Moving on to George’s swing, Nick and Connie quickly notice his struggle with hitting drivers high in the air. George refers to himself as a “serial hooker” due to his consistent hooks. They pinpoint the issue in his grip, particularly the position of his hands on the club. With both hands turned too far to the right, the clubface angle is closed, leading to excessive hooking.

Tips for George

To rectify George’s grip issue, Nick and Connie suggest that he positions the heel pad of his lead hand on the top of the club. This adjustment helps to open the face slightly and prevents excessive hooking. Similarly, George should address his right hand, which is also turned too far to the right. By correcting the hand positions, George can regain control over his shots and straighten his ball flight.

Nick and Connie demonstrate keeping your arms straight and bending backwards.

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Lynn’s Swing Analysis

Lynn presents a unique challenge with his golf swing. He encounters two different problems: pulling short clubs and slicing with longer clubs. Nick and Connie observe Lynn’s downswing and notice an excessive unhinging of the wrists too soon, leading to inconsistent strikes.

Tips for Lynn

The key for Lynn is to maintain a better wrist hinge through impact. Nick advises Lynn to measure the difference between his right and left elbow spans. As Lynn starts his downswing, he should focus on keeping his elbows closer together and preventing the early unhinging of the wrists. By doing so, Lynn can avoid the undesired slice and pulling of his shots.

Nick and Connie demonstrate proper wrist hinge for the golf swing.

Thanks for tuning into this edition of Fix My Fault Live with Nick and Connie! Throughout this episode, they provided valuable insights to help golfers like Mark, George, and Lynn overcome their swing faults. Whether it’s addressing alignment, grip issues, or maintaining proper wrist hinge, Nick and Connie have the fix. So, if you’re looking to improve your game and enjoy a dose of golf entertainment, make sure to tune in to the next episode of GOLFTEC’s Fix My Fault Live. Your swing will thank you!

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