Swing Journey – Mark Williams

Mark Williams


The Way to Way Better

  • Dropped handicap from 16 to 9.8 after 10 Lesson Pack
  • Improved shoulder turn numbers
  • Worked on slice fix drill to square club face at impact
  • Reduced right sidespin on the ball
  • Eliminated toe strikes with the driver

Student Profile

Age: 55

Handicap: 9.8

Student Since: 2023

Location: GOLFTEC La Quinta

Coach: Justin Doyle

“Used Justin Doyle as my instructor on a 10 lesson pack. Best decision I ever made for my golf game. I have been playing for many years and have never been below a 12 handicap. Started with Justin as a 16 and 10 lessons later I hit 9.8! Justin knows his stuff and has a way of teaching that just makes sense. I am truly grateful for the transformation of my swing due to Justin and I’ve never had more fun playing golf.”

Before Swing - March 2023

After Swing - June 2023

Inside The Lesson - 6/21/23

As we go inside the lesson with Mark, we see on the right that his shoulders unwind early leading to his shoulder turn number dropping too low (51 degrees closed) for that point in his downswing. We also see his clubhead outside of his hands when the club is parallel to the ground. All of this points to an out-to-in swing path resulting in slicing the ball.

With the swing on the left, Mark is doing a much better job of keeping his shoulders closed (64 degrees closed) a little bit longer. The clubhead is also much closer to his hands with the club parallel to the ground. This leads to a more in-to-out swing path and a much better strike on the ball.

Mark's Favorite Drill

One drill that has been key to Mark’s success is the slice drill. For this drill, place an obstacle on the ground just behind and outside of the golf ball. This provides a visual to help get your club on the correct path to prevent those slices that so many golfers hit. Read the full story about the slice fix drill here, and watch the drill video below.

Q & A With Mark

Q: What is your favorite part about GOLFTEC Lessons?

A: I love the ability to see my swing on video and have a better understanding of what I was actually doing.

Q: What is your favorite golf course?

A: My home course, Bermuda Dunes Country Club in Bermuda Dunes, California.

Q: What is your best score ever?

A: 72.

Q: What is the best shot you have ever hit?

A: I once had a 200-yard hole out with a 3-hybrid on a par 4 for eagle.


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