GOLFTEC Athletes Hannah and Fredrik Talk All Things Putting at Odyssey

By Ryan Gager

When it comes to golf, we all know how crucial putting can be when it comes to scoring and gaining an edge on the course. Yet, putting is often an overlooked aspect of the game, with many golfers sticking with their putters without considering whether they truly suit their stroke dynamics. In the video, we take you on a putting journey with GOLFTEC Athletes Hannah Gregg and Fredrik Lindblom, as they visit the Odyssey Putting Lab within the Ely Callaway Performance Center. Let’s delve into the secrets of putter fitting and uncover how it can transform your putting game.

Putter Fitting Philosophy: More Than Just Numbers

Unlike fitting a driver, putter fitting is not just a numbers game. While drivers involve finding an optimal mathematical solution, putting requires a more personalized approach. Golfers need to consider factors beyond numbers, such as the look, feel, and sound of the putter. Finding the perfect putter involves a Venn diagram that combines visual appeal, feel, and alignment assistance.

Golfers often start their putter search by picking a putter based on its appearance and how it feels when making a few putts. While this placebo effect is essential, it is not enough to ensure the putter is the right fit. To find the perfect candidate, golfers should explore various putters that match their stroke dynamics and preferences. By narrowing down their choices based on performance, they can discover the putter that works best for them.

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While important to understand some numbers in your putting stroke – the look, feel and sound of a putter are extremely important to helping golfers feel comfortable on the greens.

Differences in Putters: The Basics

When it comes to choosing a putter, it’s crucial to find one that matches your stroke and helps you achieve a square face at impact. Even if a putter feels comfortable in your hands, if it has too much toe hang for your timing and impact, it can leave the face open and affect your ability to start the ball online.

So, which configuration allows you to get the face squared at impact? The basic rule is that for a right-handed golfer if you tend to miss the putt to the right, you don’t want a putter with a lot of toe hang. This type of putter can make it challenging to square the face at impact. Instead, consider a putter with more face balance or a mallet-style putter. On the other hand, if you tend to miss the putt to the left, a putter with more toe hang can help slow down the rate of closure and promote a straighter start line.

Odyssey’s Nick Arther demonstrating toe hang on a blade putter.

The Odyssey Versa Putter: Forgiving and Easy to Aim

One putter that stands out in terms of forgiveness and ease of alignment is the Odyssey Versa putter. This putter features a unique alignment system with contrasting black and white colors that make it easier to square up the face at address. The white line on the putter creates a perpendicular line to the face, helping golfers visualize their desired start line.

The Versa putter design has gained popularity among both amateur and professional golfers. It offers a blend of the forgiveness of a mallet putter and the aesthetics of a blade putter. The mallet-style head provides stability and forgiveness, while the design elements make it easier to aim accurately. Recently, Rickie Fowler, Keegan Bradley, and U.S. Open Champion Wyndham Clark all won with the Odyssey Versa Jailbird putter.

The most popular putters among both amateurs and professionals are still mallet-style putters. However, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of toe-hang blades in recent years. Research has shown that blades can be more efficient for many golfers, especially with advancements in design that offer similar inertial properties to mallet putters.

The Versa line of putters features black and white graphics on the putter head, making it easier to square the face at address.

Customizing the Fit: Finding Your Perfect Putter

For golfers seeking to improve their putting game, exploring a putter fitting can be a game-changer. Here are some key aspects to consider during a putter fitting:

1. Stroke Dynamics: Understanding your stroke dynamics is vital in selecting the right putter. Do you tend to miss the ball off-center? Are you consistent with your speed control? Identifying these factors will help in finding the optimal putter.

2. Alignment Assistance: For golfers who struggle with alignment, mallet putters with sight alignment cues can be beneficial. These cues help golfers start the putter on the right path, improving their chances of hitting accurate putts.

3. Forgiveness: If you consistently hit the sweet spot, a less forgiving putter might suit you. However, for most golfers who have some mishits, a forgiving putter, like a mallet, can be more effective.

4. Lie Angle: Ensuring the putter’s lie angle matches your posture and forearms’ alignment is crucial for a solid and consistent stroke. Correct alignment reduces twisting and deflection during the stroke.

Getting fit for a putter using the Odyssey Putter Fitting System is as easy as going in to your local GOLFTEC.

5. Hosel Configuration: Choosing the right hazel configuration is essential for squaring the face at impact. Players who miss putts to the right might benefit from less toe hang, while those missing left might prefer more toe hang.

For any golfer looking to improve their game, a putter fitting at GOLFTEC utilizing the Odyssey Putter Fitting System is a must. From exploring various putter heads to analyzing your stroke dynamics, this journey will help you unlock the secrets to more accurate and consistent putting. With a well-fitted putter in hand, you’ll feel like an extension of the club and see the results in your scores. Don’t neglect the importance of putting—embrace the power of putter fitting and take your game to new heights. Head to you local GOLFTEC and unleash your putting potential!

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