GOLFTEC Athlete Fredrik Lindblom Tries the Revolutionary Edel SMS irons

By Ryan Gager

Are you ready to take your golf game and iron play to the next level? Look no further than the revolutionary Edel SMS irons. GOLFTEC, your trusted partner in golf improvement, along with Director of Club Fitting Brad Skupaka and GOLFTEC Athlete Fredrik Lindblom guide you through the incredible features and benefits of the Edel SMS irons. In this article, we’ll break down the innovative technology, customizable weights, and performance enhancements that these irons bring to the table.

You might be familiar with Edel for their exceptional putters and wedges, but did you know they also offer two remarkable lines of irons? The SMS and SMS Pro irons are designed to enhance your golfing experience with cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship. Come check them out in the latest edition of Club Explorers!

SMS: Hollow Body Design for Ultimate Performance and Customizable Weights for Precision Control

Let’s dive right into the SMS iron, which boasts a sleek hollow body design. This player-distance iron is equipped with an advanced miraging steel face that delivers impressive ball speeds. But what’s truly remarkable is the integration of polymer injection into the clubhead, creating a cohesive, one-piece feel. The result? A club that combines the best of both worlds: high ball speeds and a solid, satisfying impact.

One of the standout features of the Edel SMS irons is the ability to adjust the weights in the clubhead. Brad Skupaka explains that these movable weights can be strategically positioned to optimize your ball flight. Whether you need to fine-tune your draw, eliminate that over-hook, or achieve the perfect trajectory, the Edel SMS irons have you covered.

While many golfers are accustomed to adjustability in drivers, the Edel SMS irons bring that same level of customization to your iron play. The adjustable weights allow you to fine-tune your club’s performance on the fly, without the need for additional tape or complicated modifications. It’s a game-changer that puts the power of customization in your hands.

The Edel SMS irons allow the golfer to customize the iron to their swing by simply adjusting weights in the back.

SMS Pro: Versatility Meets Performance and Comparing to SMS

Transitioning to the SMS Pro irons, Edel showcases the next level of golf club technology. Sporting a sleek design and versatile sole grinds, these irons are all about precision and control. The SMS Pro irons are solid, one-piece constructions that offer a familiar forged feel – perfect for golfers who seek a traditional playing experience. The club also has a unique grind on the sole, allowing for different interactions with the ground depending on the golfer’s swing. This grind helps prevent excessive digging or bouncing, providing more control and consistency.

Throughout the video, Fredrik tests both the SMS and SMS Pro irons, comparing their performance and feel. Despite the subtle differences, the consistent launch numbers demonstrate the versatility of these irons. Whether you prefer the SMS for forgiveness and distance or the SMS Pro for precision and control, you’re in for a game-changing experience.

The SMS Pro Irons offer the same adjustable weight system as the SMS Irons, allowing golfers to fine-tune their clubs to their preferences. This feature, combined with the similar look and loft of the two iron models, makes it easy to create a blended set for optimal performance.

The SMS Pro irons feature a thinner sole with a unique grind allowing for more control and shot-shaping ability.

Fredrik’s Experience: Straightening Out the Shots

Fredrik shares his personal ball flight tendencies – an occasional over-hook that he’d love to eliminate. This serves as a relatable example of how the customizable weights can come to the rescue. By starting with the neutral weight setting, GOLFTEC experts help Fredrik fine-tune the club’s performance to achieve his desired ball flight.

Fredrik’s preference for slightly heavier irons is addressed with ease using the Edel SMS irons. By redistributing the weights, GOLFTEC professionals are able to create a more balanced and comfortable swing weight for him. This personalized touch not only optimizes his performance but also enhances the overall feel of the club.

One of the unique aspects of the Edel SMS irons is their role as a swing weighting tool. By manipulating the weight distribution, players like Fredrik can fine-tune the balance of their clubs to match their swing dynamics. This innovation allows for a more customized golfing experience, with adjustments that cater to individual preferences.

Because Fredrik produced similar numbers with both the SMS and SMS Pro irons, it makes it easy to create a combo set.

In the world of golf equipment, the Edel SMS irons are a true game-changer. With their innovative technology, customizable weights, and versatile design, these irons offer golfers of all levels the opportunity to optimize their performance. Whether you’re seeking enhanced forgiveness, precision control, or a blend of both, these irons are ready to help you unlock your golfing potential. So, take a cue from Fredrik and experience the difference of the Edel SMS irons for yourself – your game will thank you!

To learn more about the Edel SMS irons and experience the best in personalized club fitting, visit your local GOLFTEC today. Find out how GOLFTEC and Edel are reinventing custom fit clubs.

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