Swing Journey – Garrett Myklak Fitting

Garrett Myklak

Picked Up Distance with Driver Fitting

Student Profile

Age: 41

Student Since: 2023

Location: GOLFTEC Upland

Coach: Trevor Hall

Club Fitting: Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond driver

The Way to Way Better

  • Upgraded equipment to increase distance
  • New driver is more forgiving and lowered spin
  • Worked on hand path to prevent slicing
  • Increased shoulder turn on the backswing to gain speed
  • Picked up 4 mph ball speed and 38 yards of driver distance

Garrett came in for a fitting telling me he wanted to upgrade his driver and hopefully deal with his slice as well. His backspin was really high averaging 3,300 rpm. We tried the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond, the lowest spinning head Callaway offers. This brought his spin down to 2,100, which is in the optimal range for Garrett’s driver swing. He gained a whopping 38 yards on average! After some swing adjustments we straightened out his slice quite a bit as well. A bump in swing speed, slight swing adjustment and new driver have Garrett hitting drives the best he ever has.

Coach Trevor Hall, GOLFTEC Upland

Before Swing

After Swing

Inside The Lesson

GOLFTEC Coach Trevor Hall has been working with Garrett on his  on take away, hand path and club path. By working on his hand and club path, Garrett starting striking the ball more consistently. In addition, Garrett’s shoulder turn and shoulder tilt numbers are below Tour average, which was limiting his swing speed and distance. 

Ryan's Favorite Drill

One drill that has been key to Garrett’s success is the hand path drill. This drill helps make sure that the golfer’s hands and shoulders are in sync with each other. If the shoulders turn too quickly, it causes the hands to come “over the top” and swing with an out-to-in path. To fix this, place an alignment rod in the ground behind the ball, at the same angle as your swing path, and make repeated swings dropping your hands and club under the rod on your way to hitting the ball.


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