From Social Media Influencer to Business Owner to Professional Golfer, Hannah Gregg does it all

By Ryan Gager

GOLFTEC is proud to work with athletes who are driven to play the game of golf at the highest level. In this video we introduce you to Hannah Gregg, who you have probably seen featured in several GOLFTEC tips and drills videos over the past year. In an interview with the one and only Ryan French, (the man behind Monday Q Info on Twitter) Hannah opens up about her unique career path, balancing life as a professional golfer, business owner, and social media influencer. Her story is a testament to the dedication, passion, and resilience it takes to succeed in the world of golf and beyond.

Pro Golfer by Passion

From the start, professional golf has been Hannah’s main focus. She began sharing her journey while still a senior in college, using social media as a means to pave her way into the world of professional golf. Her dedication to the sport shines through as she emphasizes that pro golf has always been her endgame.

Hannah’s story coincided with the boom of social media, and she cleverly harnessed this platform to further her career. While her presence on social media has grown significantly, she makes it clear that being a professional golfer remains her top priority. She describes the synergy between her golf career and social media presence, showing how both complement each other.

Despite being labeled an “influencer,” a term she dislikes, Hannah has been embraced by the golf community. Her fellow players have been supportive, and she appreciates the warm welcome she’s received from the tour. Hannah’s approach of sharing her journey online has inspired other women to do the same, opening up exciting opportunities for those willing to share their experiences.

Hannah makes sure to prioritize being a professional golfer and working on her game.

Maintaining Motivation and Setting Goals

Hannah’s motivation to compete in tournaments remains unwavering. She approaches golf with an attitude of gratitude, happiness, and positivity, believing that this mindset leads to her best performances. Her dedication to the sport is palpable, and she doesn’t let external pressures overshadow her love for the game.

Setting realistic goals is a vital part of Hannah’s journey. She aims to secure LPGA Tour status by the time she turns 30, recognizing that progress is more important than immediate success. Her measured approach to her career ensures she remains on track and motivated. Hannah felt like she took a big step this year by securing status on the Epson Tour, which is the official developmental golf tour of the LPGA Tour.

Check out some go-to wedge shots Hannah practices when she’s on the range getting ready for a tournament!

Hannah hopes to secure LPGA Tour status by the time she turns 30.

Diversifying in Difficult Times and Championing Change

Hannah’s entrepreneurial spirit shines as she discusses Short Game Gains, her golf training aid company. The venture started during the challenging year of 2020, a period of separation and uncertainty for her and her boyfriend, Fredrik. Their determination and innovative products led to remarkable success, showing that sometimes, diversifying can lead to unexpected opportunities.

Managing a successful business like Short Game Gains alongside her golf career is no small feat. Hannah and Fredrik oversee product development, marketing, and more. Their dedication to providing high-quality training aids reflects their passion for the sport and their entrepreneurial spirit.

Hannah understands the financial challenges in women’s golf and advocates for changes that can open doors for aspiring female golfers. She supports the return of Monday qualifiers and the implementation of a top-20 rule for advancing to the next event. Her insights shed light on the evolving landscape of women’s golf and the potential for positive changes in the future.

Hannah has to balance her time between running the Short Game Gains business and playing professional golf.

Hannah Gregg’s journey through the world of golf is an inspiring testament to the power of passion, dedication, and adaptability. As a GOLFTEC Ambassador, she represents the values of the sport and the brand: a commitment to excellence and a never-ending pursuit of improvement. Whether she’s teeing off on the course, innovating in her business, or sharing her journey on social media, Hannah is a shining example of how to balance multiple facets of a golfing life. Her story reminds us that with determination and the right attitude, anything is possible in the world of golf and beyond. Hannah Gregg is more than an influencer; she’s a role model for aspiring golfers everywhere.

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