Swing Journey – Jason Livermore

Jason Livermore

Shot Personal Best Round 1-Under, 71

Student Profile

Age: 43

Accomplishment: Under par round / Handicap down to 5

Student Since: February 2019

Location: GOLFTEC Fort Collins

Coach: Ashton Opperman

The Way to Way Better

  • Working on consistently hitting the center of the clubface
  • Adjusting swing plane so the downswing doesn’t come in too steep
  • Utilized the punch shot exercise to promote better wrist hinge through impact
  • The improved shoulder bend and tilt lead to more consistent contact
  • In four years went from never playing to 5 handicap

“Jason just started playing golf in February of 2019, and in four and a half years has achieved a new personal best and under par round, shooting 71 (-1) at Highland Meadows! Jason’s hard work and dedication to improvement is unmatched!”

Ashton Opperman, GOLFTEC Fort Collins Coach

Jason Before Swing

Jason After Swing

Inside The Lesson

GOLFTEC Coach Ashton Opperman has been working with Jason on his setup as he addresses the ball. Jason’s shoulder bend is at 46 degrees forward, which is too much and is the some of the reason for his off-center strikes and creates issues with consistent contact. On the right we see Cameron Champ, who has a much more upright address position, which not only helps to make consistent contact, but also makes it easier to create power through the downswing. If Jason can get closer to 40 degrees forward, he would be in much better position to hit the ball solid more often.

Jason's Favorite Drill

One drill that has been key to Jason’s success is the half swing drill to control trajectory and ensure you are making clean contact through the ball. The key is to start with half to three-quarter swings instead of making full swings. Taking this approach will help you get the feel for where you are making contact with the ball and the ground. Taking smaller swings with wedges also allows you to control the trajectory and spin in your scoring clubs around the green. Once you master this drill, you’ll start to see your scores drop when you can shave strokes from 100 yards and in.


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