Meet GolfTEC Plano Certified Personal Coach Chad Pearson, our April Coach of the Month!

By GolfTEC Digital

Chad Pearson, Certified Personal Coach at GolfTEC
Chad Pearson

Our GolfTEC Coaches strive to help golfers find improvement, and each month we highlight a Coach that goes above and beyond for his or her students. In March we introduced GolfTEC Deerfield Coach Jason Reeser, and we’re here in April with another exceptional GolfTEC Coach, Chad Pearson.

Chad is a Certified Personal Coach at GolfTEC Plano in Texas. With six years of PGA membership under his belt, Chad’s coaching ability and passion for helping people enjoy the game more have had a significant impact on his students.

We asked Chad a few questions about his time at GolfTEC and why he loves being a golf coach. Check it out below!

What drove you to become a golf instructor?

As a junior golfer, I never had a coach. I learned through trial and error testing a wide range of theories presented in instruction books. Today, with the information and skills to help my students improve their games, seeing those “breakthrough moments” makes me smile.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned as an instructor?

I can’t pick one single thing, but I feel the ability to keep golf simple and uncomplicated is crucial. Patience is also important for me personally – sometimes it means helping a student be more patient than I am. Golf is a tough game to learn with so many variables to attempt to understand and correct. It’s easy to expect instant improvement but it takes an investment of time and effort for a student to uncover his or her desired results.

What’s your most memorable moment as a golf instructor?

Becoming a good instructor takes practice and dedication just like improving your golf game. The major milestone for me as a coach was the moment when I gained confidence in my own teaching styles. Golf instruction is an endless pursuit of knowledge, and I know there’s still much more for me to learn.

What is one of your biggest student success stories?

Golf practice on driving rangeMost recently I had a student who had taken several years of lessons with many different instructors at different golf courses and schools. But he was still scoring over 130. He was frustrated and embarrassed to play with better golfers out of fear of slowing them down. We’ve worked for six months together, and now he’s breaking 100. The success wasn’t just improving his score, it was also his newfound confidence and comfort on the golf course with his peers. He’s no longer stressed about keeping up. He’s able to play his game and have fun.

As a golf coach, what is your advantage teaching at GolfTEC compared to anywhere else?

The obvious answer is the technology and how, with the right feedback, a golfer is able to make changes quicker than in traditional outdoor lessons. For me, it also comes down to being able to help a student with all aspects of the game. I have the tools and resources to do that with GolfTEC. When I form a game plan for improvement with a student, we encompass all areas of the game. Lastly, I like that no day is the same at GolfTEC. Some days I celebrate the great scores or perfect shots with my students, but sometimes I’m like a therapist keeping them from quitting the game after a bad round! It’s a roller coaster (the good kind).


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