U.S. Open video drill special: GolfTEC’s Andy Hilts channels his inner Mike Trout to get rid of your slice with the Swing to Right Field Drill

By GolfTEC Digital

It’s the middle of June and the boys of summer are out on the baseball diamond in full force. It’s also U.S. Open week as GolfTEC’s Jon Levy just wrote about, and as we all know, accuracy and distance are key in golf’s toughest test.

At GolfTEC, we see the vast majority of our students struggle with a bad slice that causes a loss of both distance and control from tee to green. More often than not, a main contributor to this is an outside-to-inside swing path that cuts across the face of the ball, which creates the dreaded slice. While many think the slice can be cured by compensating and swinging more to the left in the downswing, the exact the exact opposite is true.

PGA Master Professional and GolfTEC’s Vice President of Instruction and Education, Andy Hilts, is here with a drill to help.

And, while you’d never initially guess it, some focus on America’s pastime — the baseball swing — can help your golf swing immensely and turn that nasty, short slice into a long, tight draw.  Take a look at the drill below and stop striking out on the tee box today!

The Swing to Right Field Drill

Like this drill? Be sure to talk to your local GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach who can help you with drills like this to start playing better golf today!


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