We’re drawing a line in the sand against poor bunker shots! Maximize your sand shots with the Bunker Line Exercise

By GolfTEC Digital

bunker blast shotAt GolfTEC, we’ve taught over 6 million lessons, and we know that consistent, focused practice is the only way to play better golf. A lot of amateur golfers have a difficult time negotiating bunker shots due to inconsistent sand contact and distance control. Without the proper approach, a bunker can turn your round upside down in a matter of moments, so GolfTEC’s Director of Teaching Quality, Patrick Nuber, is here to show you how to improve your sand save numbers with an easy, three-step drill.

As illustrated in his Bunker Line Exercise, simply draw a straight line in the bunker, and open your clubface and hips to the target slightly. You’ll then take practice swings and aim to bottom out the club on the drawn line in the sand. Once you get the feel, place a succession of balls one inch in front of the line and take the same type of swings, aiming to strike the sand on the line.

Before you know it you’ll be flying high, soft-landing bunker shots and saving pars like the pros on tour!

The Bunker Line Exercise

For more drills to improve your game, visit the GolfTEC Scramble or talk to your local GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach today!


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