Players at Augusta will make difficult bunker shots seem easy. Follow steps to do the same

By GOLFTEC Digital

Short Game Tips: How to hit the high bunker shotYou know that sinking feeling you get when your approach shot lands – AND COMPLETELY DISAPPEARS – into a deep greenside bunker like it’s fallen off the face of the earth?

We’ve all been there before. Which means we all know nothing quite says, “double bogey ahead,” like a tough bunker shot to a tucked pin.

But the world’s best players can make difficult bunker shots look easy. Waaay too easy, if you ask most golfers, who often have no earthly idea how these players can turn what looks like the impossible into a mere afterthought.

These elite golfers have something in their golf games many golfers do not, however. And we don’t mean talent – though, there’s little doubt they have plenty of that.

We’re talking sound fundamentals.

In terms of the how they approach bunker shots that need to fly high and land soft, the best players employ a key set of slight alterations in their setup and swing encouraging the best chances for success.

GOLFTEC’s Patrick Nuber illustrates what these changes are, and how to implement them into your game in the images and video below. So, check out his five-step process to hit high bunker shots that can reach those tucked pins and stop quickly, and start down the road of turning those double bogeys into well-deserved up-and-down pars!

VIDEO: Mastering the high bunker shot

GALLERY: Mastering the high bunker shot

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