Learn to better read greens (like Augusta National’s!) by finding the straight putt

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It can defy logic when we watch the world’s best golfers do things with a golf ball that seem, well, impossible.

The lion’s share of this thought, of course, refers to those towering 350-yard drives that never seem to come down.

But watching an elite golfer on a hot putting roll is like watching a blackjack player on the ultimate hot streak. It can make us wonder if and when the magic will stop because it doesn’t seem possible these elite players can make more putts over 10 feet in one round than many do in a month.

This insanely acute touch demonstrated by tour pros, though – along with a boatload of talent – accompanies solid fundamentals in their setups and strokes, and a penchant for reading the slightest of variations in break and speed of the putting surface.

It’s this skill of reading greens which allows the best putters in the game to truly develop a “feel” for rolling the flatstick.

Read greens better by learning how to “find straight”

Read greens better by learning how to find the straight puttPatrick Nuber demonstrates how to develop better skills to read greens in the video below, which first starts with understanding how to find “straight.” Or, in other words, how to identify a straight uphill and downhill putt, which then helps to uncover where the green’s slope rises/falls away from these points (i.e. a given putt’s break).

Instead of trying to accomplish this with our eyes, however, which Nuber explains can often trick our perception of break, you can train yourself to read greens better with your feet and a great exercise for the practice putting green.

Check out the details as Nuber fully explains below, and make more putts by learning how to read greens better and find straight!

VIDEO: Read greens better by finding straight

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