It’s a simple notion: Using an aiming station with golf alignment sticks can help your game!

By GOLFTEC Digital

Golf is hard enough – so why make it even harder by leaving the direction of where you’re aimed to chance?

In this “misdirected” spirit, we’ve got a simple (yet incredibly impactful) exercise to employ in your practice regimen every time you step foot onto the practice tee.

The Alignment Station Exercise ensures consistency in your alignment to quash those good swings that send the ball away from your target, as well as unintentional changes to your technique that can occur from an unconscious effort to get the ball back on its intended target line.

As Patrick Nuber explains in the video below, the Alignment Station Exercise utilizes placement of two golf alignment sticks in line with both your intended target and the aim of your feet, with an easy, three-step process to execute:

  1. Use golf alignment sticks when you practice Place one alignment stick about a clubhead-length outside of the ball, directly pointed/aimed at the intended target.
  2. Place the other alignment stick parallel to the first one, a few inches inside of your feet.
  3. Hit shots with your feet set up parallel to both sticks while in your normal address position, and periodically change the intended target line and subsequent placement of the sticks to reflect each new target.

Many golfers don’t think ever about their alignment as to being a significant reason they may be hitting shots offline. But, quite often, it can be. So start using golf alignment sticks with the Alignment Station Exercise while practicing to virtually ensure you’re proper alignment every time you set up to ball!

VIDEO: Practice with Golf Alignment Sticks


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