Avoid those frustrating fat golf shots with this exercise to adjust the low point of your swing 

By GOLFTEC Digital

Hitting an iron shot fat, or “chunking” it, is as frustrating as it is physically jarring, considering the reverberations pulsing through your arms from hitting the big ball (Earth) before the little one.

Especially since it can seem like the harder you try to hit the ball first, the more likely a giant piece of turf is the only thing flying toward your target.

Picking up the sod we’re putting down here? Then Patrick Nuber’s exercise to adjust your low point can help.

The idea is simple: Our SwingTRU Motion Study has uncovered various body movements in the golf swing that directly correlate to a golfer’s skill level. Among these, hip position at impact is a key indicator of what leads to ball-first vs. ground-first contact.Golf Instruction Terms: Scooping/flipping at impact

The best golfers position their hips more toward the target at impact compared to the least-skilled golfers, whose hips are farther away from the target.

This means that if you’re one who tends to chunk the ball often, it’s likely you need to move your hips more toward the target when the moment of truth arrives.

Check out the short video below with that in mind – and use this simple exercise that requires nothing more than a ball, two tees and a little optimism that you’re not relegated to live in Chunksville for the rest of your golfing days!

VIDEO: Adjust low point to avoid fat golf shots


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