Use this address ball position exercise to encourage solid, repeatable golf shots

By GOLFTEC Digital

Golf, by its very nature, has a LOT of complexity to it.

That’s why we love the game, after all. Because where would the fun be if it wasn’t challenging?

Apart from the finer points of golf that make it so – well – damn difficult, there are certain, easy-to-digest fundamentals that every golfer can do correctly. Regardless of skill level.

One basic golf fundamental along these lines is address ball position.

We’ve talked about address ball position on the Scramble for short game, so we’re back to “set up” the subject with the long game.

In the video below, Brad Skupaka offers up a simple exercise of using the clubhead of your mid iron to determine two address ball position differences between your driver and every other club. It’s an easy concept to understand, even easier to execute, and can help you avoid adding any more difficulty to a game that’s already tough enough.

So check out this effective GOLFTEC tip below and, as always, consult with a local GOLFTEC Coach who can help you play better golf in 2017!

VIDEO: Address Ball Position Basics


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