Improve sand shot distance control by tailoring the length of your backswing and follow-through

By GolfTEC Digital

For many golfers, being able to get out of the sand successfully is one thing.

But mastering the utmost skill with sand shot distance control to get the ball close like the pros? Often an entirely different story.

We’ve provided plenty of instruction on the Scramble to help you improve your bunker play, and we’re back with a useful exercise and guideline for understanding the swing needed to hit your sand shots various distances.

As Brad Skupaka illustrates in the video below, the Sand Shot Distance Control Exercise centers around establishing two different base levels:

  1. How far your shots travel when your arms swing to parallel to the ground in your backswing and follow-through.
  2. How far your arms travel when your arms swing to just short of parallel to the ground in both your backswing and follow-through.

The difference in how far the ball travels relative to each should help generate a better feel for the swing you need for sand shots of various distances.

Of course, as with many drills and exercises in golf, the more you practice, the more feel you’ll start to develop for all of your bunker shots. So take a look and work consistently with the Sand Shot Distance Control Exercise to improve your bunker play in 2017!

VIDEO: Sand Shot Distance Control Exercise


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  1. Unfortunately, these shots assume a nice bed of sand to hit out of. In our part of the country, we rarely see such nice sand conditions. The challenge becomes “how to hit out of bunkers that are either hardpan or washed out from the rain. I don’t care how good you are, these bunker shots are an entirely different animal. Any suggestions as to play these shots??


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