Focus on these backswing and follow-through movements to improve your impact position

By GOLFTEC Digital

The Parallel to Parallel Drill for impact positionHave you ever been told that your swing is too “wristy?”

We’ve mentioned before that proper wrist movement is vital to a good golf swing. However, one of the most common flaws plaguing golfers is a bent lead arm and cupped wrist at the moment of truth, which results in a lack of distance, and inconsistent contact and direction.

So how do you fix it?

Focus on what’s happening before and after impact, and you’ll be on the right path to improving your impact position.

Easier said than done, of course. But a WORLD of difference can occur by training the correct backswing and follow-through movements as noted by Patrick Nuber in the video below.

The Parallel to Parallel Drill, as Nuber illustrates, identifies two key areas of your swing to use as checkpoints to create a better impact position:

  1. After taking a normal address position, without a ball, swing the club back to a point where it is parallel to the ground.
  2. Proceed to swing your club down past the point of impact, but stop when it reaches a parallel point to the ground once again. As opposed to the backswing movement, which will see the club at a much lower height in relation to the ground, this position is found at sternum height.

Of course, the above two steps clearly indicate that the Parallel to Parallel Drill is about as simple as it gets by design.

But some consistent practice with this drill can serve as an effective, lasting foundation for improvement to your impact position, adding the distance, accuracy and consistency you’ve been craving in your game.

VIDEO: The Parallel to Parallel Drill


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  1. Hi there. I love your guys tips and drills. All help me play better golf. I have a problem with lifting my head too soon. Could you help me with that.


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