As seen on Golf Channel: If all else has failed, these two tweaks can help eliminate the slice from your game

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Still flighting a slice?- Tee shotGolf should be a simple game. You try to get the ball in the hole from the first tee in the fewest number of shots. Then repeat 17 more times.

But if golf was really that simple, we’d all be cashing in on the PGA Tour.

There are many circumstances that come into play that prevent the game from being easy, like constantly hitting slices off the tee. And so we come to you with two solutions for your golf swing that might just straighten out your tee shots.

Two fixes to help remedy your slice

You might be familiar with how the relationship between where your swing path and clubface are aimed at impact contribute to the flight of your shots. Today we’re looking specifically at how clubface control, and your grip and wrists, can keep your slice at bay.

Still fighting a slice- grip1. Rotate your grip to a “strong” position

If the face is open to the path at impact, not only are you setting yourself up to slice, but a multitude of problems can add up. This is where the first fix comes in, which has to do with your grip.

Before you even take the club back, take your normal grip and turn it away from the target (where you see more knuckles on your lead hand). This will move the handle higher and more toward the target, giving you the best chance to square the face.

2. Flex your wrist

The second fix deals with how your lead wrist bends throughout the swing.

Still fighting a slice- wrist

Slicers often extend, or cup, the lead wrist in the backswing. This causes the face to open to the path, which then makes squaring up the face at impact very difficult.

Instead, you should try to flex, or bow, the lead wrist. A flexed wrist helps close the face to your swing path – the perfect starting point to eliminate your slice.

Our own Patrick Nuber stopped by Golf Channel’s ‘Morning Drive’ to demonstrate this, so check out the video below to see these two changes in action.

And as you’ve heard us say before, quick fixes aren’t longterm solutions. These two tips might not completely cure your slice, but they WILL steer your swing in the right direction and help make the game simpler.

VIDEO: Two Fixes for The Slice

Patrick Nuber demonstrates two quick fixes to finally rid yourself of a slice and make the game more enjoyable.

If you’re not sure this tip is for you, talk to a Coach at a GOLFTEC near you today!

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