Reverse your slice with these 4 simple adjustments

By Sabrina Naccarato

Quiz: Laws of golf ball flightThere may have been a point in your golf career when you had finally given up on fixing your slice. Dejected, your conclusion was to play the unfortunate, short-knocker’s ball flight for life. We’ll be the first to suggest you should play to your current tendencies, but fixing your slice should absolutely be a top priority.

A majority of students who walk through our doors struggle with the banana ball. But our coaches know a slice isn’t going to be completely cured in one lesson or with one drill. Oftentimes, the long-term solution starts with training a radically different ball flight as quickly as possible.

In this case, a slicer needs to learn how to hit a draw—or even a nasty hook.

Draw the perfect shot

A draw is the opposite of a slice, so you’ll need to train your body to move in an opposite way than what you’re used to. To engrain a new movement pattern successfully, you’ll need to feel like you’re over-exaggerating the moves needed to hit a draw.

To summarize, there are four adjustments you’ll need to make to your swing to help encourage an over-draw.

  1. Still slicing? Here's how you can draw every shot- wristAt address, take your lead hand and turn your entire arm further clockwise, or away from the target.
  2. In the backswing, when the club is parallel to the ground, point the clubface at the ground.
  3. At the top of the swing, point the clubface straight up—this is a very closed clubface position.
  4. And after impact, bend your trail wrist back as far as you can, helping you point the toe of the clubhead straight up at the sky.

Put all of these elements together, hit a shot, and you should see an exaggerated, over-drawn golf shot.

Now, you won’t want to play golf with this shot, and we don’t recommend taking this exaggerated swing out on the course expecting miracles. But this is a good way to start reversing your slicing pattern if you feel like you’ve never seen the ball draw. And with time, you’ll get a feel for how to adjust your swing to never hit that nasty slice again.

To see this drill in action, watch GOLFTEC’s Nick Clearwater demonstrate it in the below video.

VIDEO: How to Draw Every Shot

If you’re not sure if this tip is for you, find a GOLFTEC near you today!

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