We’re breaking down golf basics – starting from what you need to bring to the course to how the ball flies

By Sabrina Naccarato

I might be biased, but golf is one of the best sports ever. And when I talk to people who don’t play the game, my gut reaction is, “oh, but you have to try it at least!” That’s usually followed up by a bunch of excuses of why golf is hard and intimidating and so on. Working in the industry, I’ll be the first one to agree, golf looks very daunting from the outside. But once you get that first taste of solid contact of an iron, draining a long putt, or smashing a driver, all of that intimidation vanishes.

Here’s the thing, getting over the roadblock to take the first swing is probably the hardest thing. But when someone dives headfirst into golf and goes straight to the driving range with no idea what they’re doing, mindlessly hacking away at balls could honestly discourage their interest in the game.

That’s the exact reason we’ve created a ten-part video series to guide any beginner golfer to understand the basics of this crazy game and help them love the game just as much as I do.

Golf gear guidance

It’s been stated many times before that golf can get a tad bit complicated. From the rules to what you need to bring to the course, there’s a lot. But luckily for beginners, VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater, along with the help of Instagram Influencer, Kenzie O’Connell, is breaking down what any beginner needs in their bag to hit the golf course and be successful. On top of that, they’re also getting into the details of what each club does and which part of the course it’s meant for.

Ball flight basics

Now that beginners know what they need to bring to the golf course, understanding what the ball does before you even hit will be extremely beneficial in the long run. Getting into ball flight laws can be a little tricky, and some golf nerds are really into the science behind it, but Nick and Kenzie scratch the surface to touch on the most critical parts that’ll help beginners hit the ball more successfully.

These are just two out of ten videos to help beginners get ready to hit the course like a pro. If you’re ready for the next videos in the series, click here!

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