By Ryan Gager

It’s time to get new irons! Great! But, how do find the correct irons for your game? You’ve come to the right place. GOLFTEC’s Brad Skupaka reviewed three of the top performing irons from each category – most forgiving, mid-handicap, and players in the following Club Explorers videos:

Most Forgiving Irons

It’s no secret that a majority of golfers could benefit from a little more technology in their clubs, especially irons. Luckily, golf club manufacturers make them much easier to find these days. There are a ton of ‘game improvement’ irons on the market, but long gone are the chunky clubs with an enormous and sometimes distracting amount of offset.

Characteristics of these clubs include faster ball speeds off the face to help get distance with slower swing speeds. They also will feature a bit more offset and thicker soles to help with turf interaction and better results from miss-hit shots.

Mid-Handicap Irons

We think of mid-handicappers as those with a 15 to 22 handicap index. In this category, golfers can find forgiving clubs in a sleek design that nearly resembles the clubs that pros carry in their bags. We start getting into the best of both worlds as irons start to look more like a players iron but still have lots of technology packed in.

These irons will have some offset, so they will be catered to those who fight a fade or slice. Other features include better sound and feel with high launch and low spin for maximum distance, while still providing stopping power on the greens.

Players / Forged Irons

Now that your ball-striking has improved, you’re ready to upgrade that set of irons to something with a little bit more feel and workability. While players/forged irons are known for having smaller heads, minimal offset, and thin top lines and soles, there is still plenty of technology that manufacturers can pack into these irons.

This includes injecting polymers into the heads to provide that forged feel, while also increasing ball speeds for more distance. If you want to play what the pros play, this is the category for you.

There are so many of great irons out there, including everything featured in these videos. With so many brands, variations and customizations within each category it can get complicated when trying to find something that works for your game. That’s why GOLFTEC makes it easy to get a custom club fitting. You’ll work with a certified Coach who will fit you into the perfect set of irons for your game.

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