Faster Speeds, Higher MOI, Unbelievable Sound

By Ryan Gager

PING launches their new G430 drivers. Get in to GOLFTEC to take them for a test drive!

It’s been a couple years since we’ve seen a new PING driver, and from the initial impressions it looks like PING delivered a good one in the G430! GOLFTEC’s Nick Clearwater sits down with PING Engineer Paul Wood in this edition of Club Explorers to discuss this new line of drivers, the features and benefits and which model might be right for you.

Often we have Students come to GOLFTEC for a driver fitting when their driver gets around five or six years old. For this reason, Nick and Paul discuss the new technology of G430, compared to PING’s G400, which was released in 2017. Paul says the philosophy is always the same, wanting to hit your driver longer and straighter, but from G400 to G430 Paul estimates that there is an increase of 10-15 percent more forgiveness, which translates to you hitting more fairways and gaining distance especially on mishits.

What’s New?

Spinsistency. PING’s face technology that’s allowed them to shape the face in a more complex way, combined with their motion capture technology showing how golfers deliver the club, which allows them to produce the best club face shape for optimal results.

Design. Improved aerodynamics, combined with weight savings in the shaft and adding to the head helps with energy transfer. This leads to increased ball speeds. They’ve also payed attention to getting the center of mass lower, so they can get the spin down while keeping forgiveness up.

Sound. PING claims that one of the biggest improvements they’ve made to the G430 is the sound of the club compared to previous versions of PING drivers. They’ve added ribs internally to the club to help dampen the vibrations making the driver sound powerful.

Nick saw increased clubhead and ball speed, while his spin came down when testing G430 vs G400

PING’s Focal System

Part of the evolution of PING clubs comes from their Focal system. PING is able to capture thousands of swings and feed them into their mathematical model to come up with optimal club design to help golfers hit the ball farther and straighter.

Focal measures everything in a golfer’s swing, not just the club, but the take away, the transition, how the shaft bends and how the club is delivered to the ball. From the videos and information Focal gathers, PING is able to generate insights from this data which feed directly into club design.

PING strives to stay on the cutting edge of technology, and their current line of G430 drivers is proof. The G430 line consists of the G430 Max, which will fit majority of players, G430 SFT (straight flight) and G430 LST (low spin). The LST model is typically what the Tour pros will play.

GOLFTEC’s Nick Clearwater getting his swing measured on PING’s Focal system

The PING G430 line of drivers is in GOLFTEC Centers now, so be sure to call your local GOLFTEC and schedule a fitting with a Coach today! If you’re looking to upgrade your driver, you definitely should hit the new PING G430! All clubs purchased from GOLFTEC are custom fit to you and your game to have you playing your best.

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