GOLFTEC’s Nick Clearwater takes Ryan French (Monday Q Info) through a Swing Evaluation

By Ryan Gager

When it comes to improving your golf game, seeking guidance from the best in the industry is essential. Recently, GOLFTEC welcomed Ryan French, popularly known as Monday Q Info on Twitter, for a Swing Evaluation with renowned Golf Digest Top 25 Teacher and GOLFTEC’s own Nick Clearwater. In this edition of Data Driven, we take you behind the scenes of Ryan’s GOLFTEC experience and explore how his journey unfolds.

Making Swings and Whiteboarding Problems

To understand Ryan’s swing dynamics, Nick filmed a few swings, capturing Ryan in action. These swings provide valuable insights into his swing patterns, inconsistencies and mis-hits. Ryan’s struggle with full shots and inconsistent contact with shots under 80 yards highlighted areas for improvement.

Nick started whiteboarding as they delved into the specific issues affecting his swing, including the low point of his swing and the timing of his wrist unhinging. Nick’s expertise in the golf swing made it clear that addressing these challenges would significantly enhance Ryan’s game.

As the lesson progressed, the enjoyable atmosphere persisted. Ryan’s witty remarks and candid conversations with Nick showcases the relaxed yet productive environment GOLFTEC offers. The instructional session involved demonstrating the difference in swing angles and positions between Ryan and Tour Pro Collin Morikawa, highlighting the key areas Ryan needed to focus on.

If you missed it, Ryan has previously been to GOLFTEC when he and Tour Player Mark Baldwin talked about their Player/Caddie relationship.

After a few swings to get started, Nick compared Ryan to Tour Player Collin Morikawa.

Working on Wrist Hinge and Follow Through

To address Ryan’s swing inconsistencies, Nick introduced him to the concept of wrist hinge and follow through. Nick emphasized the importance of maintaining a specific rate of wrist extension and twisting during the swing. By incorporating these techniques, Ryan would be able to eliminate fat and thin shots and improve the center of his contact.

Nick guided Ryan through various drills and exercises to help him develop muscle memory and refine his swing mechanics. By practicing the correct wrist positions and focusing on the movement of the clubhead, Ryan began to make significant strides in his swing consistency.

Nick mapped out a comprehensive improvement plan for Ryan, outlining the recommended number of lessons and suggesting options such as club fitting and outdoor playing lessons. The plan emphasized the importance of regular practice and incorporating dedicated short game sessions.

Nick identified wrist hinge and follow through as two main areas of focus for Ryan to work on.

Ryan’s GOLFTEC experience with Nick Clearwater left him with a newfound excitement for his game. The session provided clarity on the areas of his game that required improvement and showcased the potential for growth. GOLFTEC’s top-notch facilities and state-of-the-art technology combined with the expertise of a skilled instructor like Nick, proved instrumental in helping Ryan unlock his swing’s true potential.

If you find yourself seeking improvement in your golf game, consider visiting your local GOLFTEC and embarking on a similar journey. With the right guidance and a supportive environment, you too can experience the joy of progress and the satisfaction of unleashing your full swing potential. Remember, every golfer, no matter their skill level, can benefit from the expertise and knowledge GOLFTEC provides.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your clubs, head to GOLFTEC, and let the transformation begin. Your golf game will thank you.

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