GOLFTEC’s Tim Sam Sets You Up To Hit Long Drives

By Ryan Gager

In the pursuit of hitting the ball farther off the tee, golfers often seek ways to optimize their swing. However, it’s crucial not to overlook the impact of your setup position on achieving maximum distance. In this edition of Fix My Fault, GOLFTEC Coach Tim Sam explores how making simple adjustments to your setup can increase your driving distance. This is something every GOLFTEC Coach can help out with, starting with your initial Swing Evaluation.

Identifying Common Flaws In Your Setup

When it comes to driving distance, your setup position plays a vital role. GOLFTEC Coach Tim Sam highlights two common flaws that can hinder your ability to hit the ball far: having level shoulders and open shoulders pointing to the left.

Tim demonstrates these flaws on the right side of the screen, emphasizing the need for proper shoulder alignment to maximize distance. On the left side, an expert golfer exhibits well-tilted shoulders that are square or slightly closed to the target line.

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Coach Tim shows the difference between a good driver set up and a bad one.

Fixing Your Setup Position

Let’s delve into the corrective measures for the setup position problems highlighted earlier. Viewing the scenario from a front perspective, imagine you’ve captured your swing on the GOLFTEC app and noticed similarities with the flawed example on the right side of the screen. It’s time to address the tilt problem.

To rectify the tilt issue, you need to tilt your entire spine to the right so that your right ear aligns with the outside of your right shoe. This adjustment sets the foundation for an improved setup position and enhanced driving distance.

Alignment is key in the setup position. Your lead arm should be long and positioned on top of your chest, while your trail arm should be rotated underneath. This alignment ensures that your lead forearm is positioned above your trail forearm, contributing to a powerful setup position.

When setting up to hit driver make sure your lead arm is positioned above your trail arm.

To take your driving game to new heights, visit and connect with a local GOLFTEC Coach. Our experienced professionals can provide personalized guidance utilizing our state-of-the-art technologies to fine-tune your setup position and maximize your driving distance.

Elevating your driving distance requires attention to detail, and the setup position is a critical element often overlooked. By addressing common flaws such as level and open shoulders, you can unlock significant gains in distance off the tee. So, take control of your game, refine your setup, and unleash the full potential of your driving ability.

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