Swing Journey – Jay Stocki

Jay Stocki

Guinness World Record - Longest Putt Made

Student Profile

Age: 55

Student Since: June 2011

Location: GOLFTEC Naperville

Coach: James Standhardt

The Way to Way Better

  • Worked on coordinating a more predictable face/path relationship in putting stroke and full swing
  • Redefined putting stroke to decrease excessive face rotation in the backstroke
  • In the full swing reduced elbow span to create a better swing plane
  • Improved radial wrist hinge for a more predicable, reproducible path and low point in the downswing
  • Handicap has improved from 18+ down to 9

“As a Coach, Jay is one of those students that you imagine having and helping improve when you get into teaching. His attitude towards change and his willingness to put in the work is second-to-none, and he does it all with an optimistic attitude and a smile. He’s truly awesome to work with.”

James Standhardt, GOLFTEC Naperville Coach

Jay Before Swing

Jay After Swing

Inside The Lesson

In the full swing, Jay used to separate his elbows to the tune of a 15″+ elbow span at P4, leading to severe right forearm pronation and subsequent flattening of the plane on the downswing. By reducing that span via a better radial wrist hinge from P1-P3 and months of using a noodle to guide the path, Jay now has a much more predictable, reproducible path/face relationship and low point in the downswing and at impact. The next piece to work on is the unloading of the lead wrist at impact, which is extending just a little bit too early and causing some inconsistent strikes.

Jay's Favorite Drill

Jay has worked hard over the past couple of years on coordinating a more predictable path/face relationship in his full swing through different focuses. One drill that has helped Jay is the angle of attack drill. In this drill GOLFTEC’s Nick Clearwater talks about focusing on your trail arm (right arm for right handed golfers like Jay) and straightening that arm through the shot and especially at impact. The drill is to start by hitting shots with short follow through so you focus on straightening your trail arm all the way through the finish. You should start to see where you hit the ball first then impact the turf on the way through the shot.


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