Want to make more short putts this fall? Of course you do. Start by dialing in your speed

By GolfTEC Digital

Just because it’s October and the year is winding down, that doesn’t mean you have to go into the offseason with a whimper when it comes to the state of your golf game.

Because nothing’s more frustrating than when you “had it going” all summer, but can’t seem to finish the year that way after merely a few fun weekends watching football. So, we’re here with a drill to ensure at least one important part of your game — short putting — is as dialed in heading into 2017 as your favorite team’s offense.

Check out Patrick Nuber’s Compass Drill in the video below, which focuses on creating the ideal speed on your short putts, and enter into the offseason with a tour-player-type game from 5 feet and in!

Video: Compass Drill for short putts

Compass Drill to make more short putts

What you’ll need:Short putts speed control Compass Drill tools
  • Putter
  • 4 golf balls
  • 9 ball markers
  • Alignment rod
How to practice:
  • Find a flat putting area without a hole
  • Set one ball marker as a central point of reference
  • Place four ball markers one alignment rod’s length from the central ball marker in a north, south, east and west manner
  • Place the other four ball markers in a northeast, southeast, northwest and southwest manner
  • Hit one putt from each marker, trying to roll the putt approx. 12 inches beyond the central marker. Your focus should be mostly on speed, not aim
  • Take your newfound speed control to the course, and make more short putts!

Short putts Compass Drill speed control

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