This exercise for backswing length can break down that wall between you and solid contact

By GOLFTEC Digital

As varied and different as human beings can be from each other, so can various aspects of the swing that golfers struggle to improve.

A good example of this is in the backswing.

Some golfers may need more turn and a longer backswing length to improve their ball striking, while others may be overdoing it with a backswing that’s too long.

Since we’ve discussed useful ways to create more turn and a longer backswing before on the Scramble, we’re here with a simple exercise from Patrick Nuber to help shorten an overly long backswing length that’s too long and potentially causing issues in the downswing and at impact.

So, if this XL backswing length issue strikes a chord with you, it may be worth paying attention to his exercise in the video below that requires nothing more than a wall and a golf club.

Because in a true ironic nature to its name, some practice with the Wall Exercise can go a long way toward breaking down the figurative wall standing between you and solid contact. Take a look …

VIDEO: Wall Exercise for backswing length


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