Vary pitch shot trajectory around the green with this basic setup adjustment to help you save par

By GOLFTEC Digital

Are you a one-trick pony when it comes to your arsenal of short game shots?

In other words, do you tend to hit the same type of shot (low, high, somewhere in between), no matter what your specific greenside situation ideally calls for?

Having a limited choice of short game shot trajectory can turn a potential par save into bogey or worse in no time.

Vary pitch shot trajectory by adjusting handle locationEspecially when you’re faced with a delicate shot that requires a high, soft one, but can only hit a low-runner that has no chance at ending up close. Or when you have a lot of green in front of you that ideally calls for the low, bump-and-run, but only have the high shot dialed in that leaves a lot more room for error.

So, Brad Skupaka is back with some guidelines to vary your pitch shot trajectory by adjusting the position of the club handle in your setup. Which can add to your shot choices around the green, so you’re able to hit the type of shot needed when it’s required!

Check out the short video below and learn these basic setup keys that will help you save more pars in no time.

VIDEO: Control Pitch Shot Trajectory


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