Start saving more pars by changing club choice with your greenside pitches and chip shots

By GOLFTEC Digital

DISCLAIMER: We recently posted an article illustrating how to vary your setup with greenside pitches and chip shots to control shot trajectory, depending on what the situation calls for.

Why, then, are we back with a piece on doing the same thing by changing club selection instead?

Because learning both skills will help you become a better player!

It’s true. The best players in the world, while often relying on one of these greenside strategies more than another, have mastered both sides of the equation and can proficiently call on either when needed.

It’s a useful lesson for any level of golfer out there. Because the more proficient you can become at varying your shot trajectory with the same club AND different clubs, the more control and feel you’ll have over every club in your bag – no matter what situation you face. 

Capiche? Then let’s get down to business.

In the video below, Brad Skupaka illustrates an exercise using three different clubs for greenside shots with varying trajectories: a 60-degree lob wedge, 52-degree gap wedge and 9-iron.

Similar to what we explained in our last piece on the matter – if you’re hitting a high, soft one in there when the situation calls for a low runner, or you’re hitting a bump-and-run when the shot NEEDS a high, soft one – you’re not doing yourself any favors when it comes to your chances of getting up and down successfully.

Watch what Skupaka has to say below with that in mind, and start practicing with different clubs on your greenside shots to improve your short game and save more pars!

VIDEO: Vary Pitch Shot Club Choice


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