Use this distance tip from our own former Long Drive competitor to hit your tee shots farther

By GOLFTEC Digital

Golf distance tips from a former professional long driving competitor
The key to more distance? More hip turn for one – not less, as many golfers think they need.

GOLFTEC Director of Teaching Quality, Brad Skupaka, is more than just someone who helps the world’s largest instruction company continue to grow by being a “teacher of teachers” for GOLFTEC’s Coach accreditation program, GOLFTEC University.

He’s also a golfer that can BOMB his tee shots.

So much so, that he used to compete in Long Drive competitions and once measured a 423-yard drive in competition!

Other than that feat being incredibly impressive, we’re giving this backstory for a reason: If you want to hit the ball farther, it would be wise to pay attention because Skupaka has a key backswing tip he personally uses when he wants to really crank one out there.

So, watch the 90-second video below with that in mind and take the first step toward hitting longer tee shots today!

VIDEO: A Distance Tip From a Pro Long Driver


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  1. These are great tips. I can stop them at any point to study the entire body during the swing! Another great teaching device from GolfTec.

  2. Nice. This is something I need to try. I generally try to avoid turning my hips because I don’t want to slide back and forth but maybe I should rethink this. If i can add even 20 yard to my drive it’s totally worth the effort.


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