If you can’t seem to stop slicing NO MATTER WHAT, this drill may finally provide real help

By GOLFTEC Digital

Stop slicing with the No Hip Turn Downswing Drill: Over-the-top move illustrated
This common downswing move leading to a slice can be helped with the No Hip Turn Downswing Drill.

We’ll admit it: Some drills are better than others.

That’s not to say all of the drills we showcase on the GOLFTEC Scramble aren’t helpful and tackle specific swing issues effectively. But some exercises handle hard-to-fix, core challenges for many golfers in a more comprehensive manner.

The one we’re about to show you in that vein – if you’re a golfer who just can’t seem to cure that “over-the-top” move and ugly slice, no matter what you try – is about as good as it gets.

As Patrick Nuber illustrates in the video below, practicing the three steps he gives in the No Hip Turn Downswing Drill can help repattern those key moves at the helm of your slice.

We’ll let him explain in detail, but the idea behind these steps start with combating a common misconception that the hips should turn, or open, as soon as possible to start the downswing. That move, explains Nuber, is a big contributor to swinging “over the top” and creating a slice.

So, watch below and start practicing the No Hip Turn Downswing Drill to *finally* get on the path to stop slicing the golf ball!

VIDEO: Stop slicing with this downswing drill

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