Our latest Lesson Series discusses ‘wrist bends’ – and why they’re important to your swing

By GOLFTEC Digital

We’ve discussed the topic a few times here on the GOLFTEC Scramble: wrist bends.

Because, yes, how your wrists bend or hinge during the golf swing means A LOT when it comes to how well you hit the ball.

But many golfers aren’t aware of the importance wrist bends play in the golf swing, which is why our latest Lesson Series video dives into this impactful golf instruction topic.

Understanding wrist bends - flexed vs. extended lead wrist at the top
The extended (cupped) lead wrist on the left is common with poor ball strikers and slicers, while the flexed (bowed) lead wrist on the right is common with better golfers.

As GOLFTEC’s Brad Skupaka and Jon Levy discuss below, many golfers think they need to work on particular elements of their swing that may not be the most important parts leading to better ball striking.

For example, you may think – and subsequently try every tip and drill under the sun – that you need more turn in your backswing.

But, while more turn may be helpful to improve, even the most Dustin Johnson-esque turn may still send the ball flying offline with improper wrist bends.

Because, as Skupaka illustrates, wrist bends that “extend” or “flex” too much can open or close the clubface to the swing path/target and result in a slice or hook. And it may be this part of your swing that’s most off.

Of course, to express a disclaimer that improving your wrist bends likely won’t result in a cure-all for your ball striking, a better understanding of this will at the very least help you become more aware of useful starting points for improvement.

So watch Skupaka’s recommended guidelines for improving wrist bends in your swing with that in mind, and learn if improving this part of your swing could help your slice or hook when nothing else has!

VIDEO: Understanding Wrist Bends

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