We show how placing a towel or headcover on the ground can encourage an in-to-out path

By GOLFTEC Digital

Using golf bag items on the ground for an in-to-out pathIt’s time to become an expert in golf accessory multitasking!

Yes, we’re here to explain how you can use golf bag items like a towel or headcover when you practice to encourage an in-to-out path – a key element to hitting that push draw you’ve always wanted!

In the video below, Brad Skupaka illustrates a simple guideline for placing one of these typical golf bag items on the ground that provides both visual and physical feedback for those who swing out to in or “over the top.”

As with many of our tips on the GOLFTEC Scramble, this exercise is about as straight forward and simple as it gets. But don’t let its obvious nature fool you, because this swing path drill can be a powerful practice tool to improve the quality of your ball striking.

So check out the video below, and learn to be an expert in golf accessory multitasking to fix your slice and play better golf!


VIDEO: Using golf bag items to fix your slice


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